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FAFSA 2024更新

Due to nationwide delays in the FAFSA process, all new and returning students will receive their financial aid awards later than usual this year. FAFSA 2024常见问题

Loyola has extended the enrollment deposit deadline for incoming first-year students to June 1, 2024. 阅读全文

2021-22 或有费用, 学生宿舍, 餐计划


First Year/Second Year Student Engagement Fee (New Full-Time 本科 Students) $250
滞纳金 $250
Returned Check Fee (paper or electronic) 30美元/发生
学费(s) $30 to $250 (varies per course1​)
College of Music and Media Majors Fee 每学期250美元
Business Portfolio Course Fee 每学期250美元
学生教学费用 每学期150美元
居委会费 每学期30美元2
毕业典礼的费用 $325
留学费用 $400
国际 Student Health Insurance $1,900 per year (estimated)
Student Bar Association (法律 School only) $250 first semester only
法律 Examination Fee (法律 School only) 每学期12美元
LIEP Activity Fee (LIEP Students Only) $100 per semester (Full Time) / $50 per semester (Part Time)

1 Course fees are charged for certain courses to cover the costs of special supplies and equipment used in those courses. 费用因课程而异.

2 Applicable to students living in 学生宿舍


每学期费用 三倍 3 3 3
Biever大厅 $3,355 $3,947 $5,110
Buddig大厅   $3,947 $5,110
卡布拉大厅公寓   $4,732 $5,135
卡罗尔顿厅套房   $4,083 $5,110
Carrollton Hall Apartments   $4,732 $5,135
创始人大厅套房     $5,110

3 Does not include the Residence Council fee of $30 for each semester


每周12餐 Includes $660 in Wolf Bucks Minimum Requirement for Freshmen & Sophomores Living on Campus $ 2779 /学期
每周5餐+75 Meal Block Includes $660 in Wolf Bucks $ 2896 /学期
9 Meals per Week+75 Meal Block Includes $600 in Wolf Bucks $ 3134 /学期
每周18顿饭 Includes $125 in Wolf Bucks $ 3456 /学期
每周5餐 Includes $500 in Wolf Bucks $ 1462 /学期
50餐座 Includes $500 in Wolf Bucks $ 1159 /学期
750只狼斑 Minimum Requirement for Juniors & Seniors Living on Campus $ 750 /学期
只卖1000狼鹿   $ 1000 /学期
只卖1500狼币   $ 1500 /学期
每周三顿饭  Includes $250 in Wolf Bucks $ 924 /学期
250 Commuter Wolf Bucks Minimum Requirement for 本科 通勤的学生 $ 250 /学期


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